Thank you for a most delightful, healing, and transformative weekend. I learned so much about standing, sitting, bending and breathing. The individual sessions were really powerful and afterwards I felt calm, full of breath and very “held” by the earth.

That evening I went to hear some delightful music and sat with both feet flat on the ground, spine soft yet strong – head, neck, spine.

The breath work we did has really helped my cello playing. Now it is a unique experience to feel breath simultaneously with the music!

Jacki W, RN Family Nurse Practitioner

I also want to say how excellent a practitioner you are.  Very sensitive with your touch and tuning into my energy.  Also, you have a light, playful, humor that kept my mind engaged instead of frustrated, as this ‘work’ is in some ways so profoundly difficult!

I highly recommend your practice and look forward to future sessions.


In answer to these questions: “What exactly is Alexander Technique and why might I be interested?” I have the following things to share:

We have so many choices in the health and wholeness modalities aimed at helping us use our bodies in ways that are helpful to address aches and pains, osteoporosis, sore joints, stiffness, inflexibility, shortening, breathing problems and conditions created by breathing problems, too much of ‘this’ and not enough of ‘that’.

I have over the years enjoyed most of what is offered. Each were pleasurable in the moment, and gave me a sense of temporary relief. Recently, at the age of 67 I learned Alexander Technique  (AT) and since have had the unusual opportunity to work with three different AT Teachers. Though they may approach their task from their own personal style, I find that the essence of the teaching comes through clearly.

I also find that in the days after a lesson my mind spontaneously and regularly moves toward  the directions I learned in a lesson. I am much more mindful of ways that I stand, ways that I breathe or do not breathe, ways I hold tense and static, ways I walk that in fact hold back walking. I can reach my kitchen top shelf. I notice my balance. And a wonderful thing is that there is no judgement attached, just awareness. I have a kind of friendly attitude toward myself and my body. That is new. And then that lightness of attitude creates a shift which I can describe as a lightness in my body, where there is more space between joints, a lengthier spine and neck – a strong cumulative affect. That is what we want isn’t it?

Lessons that we can use on our own, in the normal business of our daily life, that give us the sense of a truly basic change in how we use our bodies. For me Alexander Technique is both subtle and profound.

Linda Perry, Psychotherapist