The Alexander Technique is taught in a one-on-one lesson. The teacher uses verbal explanation and light guiding movements to take you through simple activities, such as standing, sitting, bending, walking. Often some work is done in the ‘semi-supine’ position on a table or floor.

There are no special exercises, and no equipment is required – just your presence, attention and intention!

Typical benefits from using the Alexander Technique:

  • Improved ability to deal with stress.
  • Pain relief – because it teaches how to unlearn habits of excess tension, Alexander Technique is known for its effectiveness in relieving back, neck and joint pain.
  • Everyone can experience greater freedom of movement, confidence and spontaneity; performing artists, public speakers and athletes particularly appreciate this!

“The Alexander Technique guides one towards the state of freedom and balance of body and mind that is the basis of effective performance in all activities.”
Walter Carrington, Senior AT teacher.